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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockify?

Blockify is a Minecraft server for the masses, and with a selection of different gametypes, there's always something to play for everyone! Equipped with our attention to detail, stability and most of all, uniqueness, we offer the best of the best in terms of gameplay experience. Furthermore, we take community suggestions and criticism very seriously, and always attempt to improve upon our players' experience. For more information about our servers, please click here!

What is the server IP?

Our main server IP is blocky.me. This short and easy to remember domain is perfect to share around with friends, so be sure to invite them! If you feel like it, also be sure to register an account on our forums located here, and start posting!

I have an issue...

There are multiple ways in which you can seek contact with us.

  • /report: In-game command to report something to our ticketing system.
  • Search for a staff member: If your issue require immediate assistance, you may try to contact online moderators.
  • The forums: Post a conversation in our forums. (Click here)
  • Contact form: Use the contact form. (Click here)

I'm banned, what do I do?

For starters, try thinking about what you've done. We do not tolerate hackers or trollers of any kind, and we also have a zero-tolerance policy for advertisers. Read our rules and use common sense. After you realise what you have done, and feel like behaving again, you can appeal your ban by creating an appeal on our forums here. There is no way to appeal a ban for advertising.

What are the benefits of donating?

By donating to Blockify, you help both yourself and us to bring a more enjoyable experience to the network. Just like any other server, keeping a community online comes with monthly, (unexpected) expenses, which you can help us pay for. In return, you receive a cool rank or perk to expand your server experience! Stand out with a cool prefix, unlock the fly ability, or enjoy some of the gadgets in the Hub! Check out the store for more details!