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Our Servers

All of our gamemodes in one quick summary

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Stranded on one of our custom islands, you'll be provided with nothing but minimal tools to survive. Can you expand your island and become the Skyblock King? Prove your inner skills and creativeness in this awesome gametype!

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Stuck between the walls of Prison, mines ranging from A to Z take you up for a challenge. Mine yourself to the highest rank, prestige, and become legendary! Start a plot or rent a cell! The possibilities are truly endless!

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Our version of the popular "Factions" gamemode. Create your own Faction, grab your friends (or random players) and start building! Expand into amazing castles and defeat your worst enemies. Raid, fight and steal, but also be careful!

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Participate in epic PvP fights with pre-built kits and a whole lot of awesomeness! Our state of the art map and strong anti-cheat system guarantees an unforgettable gameplay experience. Level up and dominate the leaderboards!

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A unique take on the Survival experience. Create amazing towns and build a nation, or get involved with competitive PvP fights! With our original and unique gameplay, there's always something to do! But... Be on the lookout for creatures!

Our IP: blocky.me

Use the IP above to join our server!
From our Hub, you can get to choose from a variety of gamemodes. Walk through the portals, or use the compass in your inventory!

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